Volunteers are the heart of Hospice Quinte and are involved as Patient Volunteers, Office Volunteers, and Event Volunteers.

To inquire about becoming an Event Volunteer contact:
Marketing and Business Development Coordinator
Michael Kelly
613-966-6610 ext. 221

To inquire about becoming an Office Volunteer contact:
Finance and Administration Coordinator
Louise Wood
613-966-6610 ext. 222

To inquire about becoming a Patient Volunteer contact:
Patient and Volunteer Coordinator
Jan MacInnes
613-966-6610 ext. 223

Hospice Quinte Patient Volunteers

Our visiting hospice patient volunteers have a desire to give comfort and care to patients, caregivers, and families during the end of life.  These dedicated volunteers have an incredible impact on the lives of the patients they serve and the families and friends of the terminally ill.  A visiting hospice volunteer can fill the gap between family members and professional caregivers.  They are trained to meet the needs of patients and loved ones, visiting on a schedule that is open to change as the needs of the patient and family change.  Hospice volunteers are unpaid, yet priceless.

Hospice Quinte is committed to offering support for individuals facing a life-threatening illness to help them live with comfort, meaning, dignity, and hope.  Our visiting hospice program provides respite for caregivers and a volunteer to visit with hospice palliative care patients who are in the terminal stage of a life limiting illness.  Visits take place in homes, hospitals, and long term care facilities.  Volunteers visit with a patient to provide respite to caregivers so they can attend to their own needs.

Our volunteers can provide up to four hours of service each week, to be scheduled as needed.  They provide social, emotional, and practical support to the patient and their family, friends, and caregivers.

Become a Patient Volunteer

Hospice Quinte patient volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and not have experienced a significant loss (such as death, divorce, or loss of job or home) in the last year.  Patient volunteers will have to complete an application form, screening process, criminal record check, 30 hours of training, and a two-step tuberculosis test.  Supporting patients and families can be stressful so volunteers should have a strong support network and practice self care.  Volunteers should have a mature perspective on life, death, loss, and grief and are are accepting and respectful of others who have different values, beliefs, and ways of living.  Patient volunteering is both rewarding and challenging.

The first step to becoming a Hospice Quinte Patient Volunteer is to complete a Patient Volunteer Application form.