Our Families Speak of Their Volunteers:

“The care he received was real, loving care, more than we, his children could have asked for.”

“She received kind, loving and compassionate care at the hands of the caregivers, which is what a dying person needs.”

“These “Angels of God” guided me through the untimely death of my mother. They were there for me and helped me through the grieving process. Without them I wouldn’t have made it.”

“If mom wanted to talk they’d talk. If she didn’t they’d just sit with her. She slept a lot but she was very glad to have them there. It was a comfort to me to know there was somebody there.”

“We cannot thank you and the many volunteers enough for the loving care shown to mom during her final months. Those last few days we laughed a lot which was exactly what she wanted!”

“The caring volunteer visited at least four days a week and provided comfort to my wife and me for about three hours each visit. She was dedicated to her work. I cannot begin to express our gratitude for her understanding and ever helpful presence. ”

“A special thanks to your volunteers. They were important to my sister and she looked forward to their visits.”

“My husband’s last wish was that he die at home with his loved ones. This was made possible through agencies such as yours.”

“My wife and I are very grateful to Hospice and our volunteers for the assistance. Our volunteers have been marvelous…as helpers and as friends. It is a joy to have them come.”

A Patient Shares:

“Recently I was diagnosed with a serious life threatening illness. I was referred to some local agencies which were very helpful, but when my maximum allotted hours were used up I was at a loss.

While wondering what I would do, I was informed of Hospice Quinte. I now have three volunteers who assist me with shopping and lighthouse duties.

I really enjoy their visits and look forward to them. I have made very special friends with my hospice volunteers. They are all such nice people.

Without the help of Hospice Quinte, I wouldn’t be able to live alone and would be forced to move into a nursing home. This invaluable service gives me my independence.”

Our Volunteers Share:

“I was fortunate to have had an intensely personal and enriching experience with the death of a loved one. During that time there was a lack of support services within our community. These experiences led me to volunteer with Hospice Quinte. The training sessions given by the hospice, provided more learning, resources and answers for me. After dealing with my feelings and emotions of death and grief, I felt capable of helping others. As I care for terminal people in my community, I continue to grow as an individual. My life’s daily goals have become clearer. I am discovering inner strengths and abilities within my own personality that might have remained unexplored, without these experiences. Personal fulfillment has become a high priority for me. The rewards of helping families to provide “quality of life until death” has enhanced my own self-esteem and confidence. Death can be an extremely fearful experience but when traveling that path with confidence and dignity obtained through appropriate support, all of those involved can provide themselves with a rewarding and enriching experience.”

“I was so impressed with the work of the hospice volunteers that helped me through the grieving process with my mother, that I decided to become one myself. I wanted to repay the kindness and the warmth that was shown to me. After waiting the required one year, I took the training program. I feel I am giving the service from my own heart. I know how appreciative my clients and their families are because I was there once myself. I really enjoy being able to help. Death, dying and grieving are so intimate, so personal that I know I’ve played a little part in helping my client and their families with that. This is my vocation now. I don’t think anyone should die on their own.”